In many ways, Mobile, Alabama has moved beyond the racial problems that plagued most American cities throughout the twentieth century. Overt racism is no longer tolerated, and, for the most part, race relations in Mobile are not much different than in other cities, north or south. Our documentary, Mobile in Black and White (2014), takes a hard look at the ways racism continues to pervade the structures and institutions of a supposedly post-racial world. Expertly blending the insights and experiences of local residences and leading experts such as Peggy McIntosh, john powell, Tim Wise, and Bryan Stevenson, as well as the poetry of Natasha Trethewey, Sonia Sanchez, and others, this documentary is a powerful, thought-provoking catalyst for constructive community conversations on race.

Since making Mobile in Black and White, we have created several follow up videos and are currently producing a new documentary on Cudjo Lewis and 11o Africans who were brought over on the Clotilda, the last American slave ship.